Be Aware of the Golden Light – Osho

The threshold of reality is veiled by golden light.

Now the Isa Upanishad reminds the seeker that: be aware. When you enter into the world of absolute reality you will come across a golden veil, very beautiful, so beautiful that many have become enchanted and stopped there. 

The threshold of reality is veiled by golden light.

All darkness disappears and there is such a golden light, so psychedelic… you have never experienced anything like it. You think you have come home. Wait, beware: this is just the light that surrounds the reality. You have to penetrate this light to reach to the very center of reality. When you come close to a flame, the flame is surrounded by golden light. Remember, the golden light radiates from the flame, but the golden light is not the flame itself. When you look at the sun you see a golden light radiating from the sun. We are far away from the sun; it takes for sunlight to reach to us ten minutes, and ten minutes for light is long distance because light travels by tremendous speed, ultimate speed. Scientists say that that is the last, more speed is not possible. Light travels in one second, one hundred eighty-six thousand miles – in one minute sixty times more. In ten minutes six hundred times more. It is far away, but we can see the light; the rays are reaching us. Remember, these rays are coming from the sun, but these rays are not the sun itself. If you want to reach to the sun you will have to go beyond these rays. And this sun is nothing compared to other suns which are far bigger. Even this sun is not a small sun; it is sixty thousand times bigger than the earth, and this is a very mediocre sun in the universe. There are greater suns than this, millions of times bigger.

In the night when you see stars you think they are very small – you are wrong. They are very far away. That’s why they look small; they are far bigger than the sun, but their distance is almost unbelievable. The closest sun next to this sun is four light years away; the rays from that sun reach to us in four years; from this sun it takes ten minutes, from that sun it takes four years, and that is the closest. There are suns from where it takes millions of light years for the sunlight to reach to us, and there are few suns conceived by the physicists whose light has not reached to the earth yet, since the earth was made. And there is a possibility that there may be suns even farther away whose light will never reach to the earth, because meanwhile the earth will disappear. It came into being, for millions of years it existed; the light was traveling and traveling with that tremendous speed of one hundred eighty-six thousand miles per second. By the time the light reaches the earth would have died; that light will never reach to the earth.

But all these suns, great suns, are nothing compared to the ultimate reality. Kabir says, “The moment I penetrated into my innermost core I found as if suddenly millions of suns had risen” – not one, millions of suns. Naturally, the Upanishadic seers are making you aware:

The threshold of reality is veiled by golden light.

And the light is so beautiful, so blissful, that you can be caught in the net of it and you can start thinking you have arrived. Many scriptures of the world say: God is light. The people who have said that have misunderstood: they have thought the golden light as God itself.

God is neither light nor darkness; he is both and beyond. Unless you reach to that ultimate which is always beyond the duality, transcendental to duality, go on remembering: you have not come home yet. Go on inquiring, go on exploring.


Excerpt from I Am That, Discourse #13I Am That - Osho

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