That Which Took Us to Rajneeshpuram

Rajneesh Mandir

I am sure that whatever I say will not make one iota of difference to anyone, but still it has to be said.

It seems appropriate to ask ourselves what it was that took us to Rajneeshpuram.

If we were attracted by the idea of creating a utopian community and that is the only reason we went then it is natural that we are disappointed that the experiment did not deliver the goods. And I suppose then there is some benefit in reviewing the history and events that took place so as to do better next time.

Perhaps we were attracted by the idea of being with a “godman,” some saintly character that would conform to our own ideas of “enlightenment.” Just the idea elevated our own status. We were one of the chosen few. Is this anything more than an ego trip? And of course, we were headed for disappointment. Masters do not conform to anyone’s ideas of enlightenment, Gurdjieff did not, J. Krishnamurti did not, and certainly U.G. Krishnamurti did not, just to name a few more recent examples. And it is natural that our egos would be bruised when we realized that life did not live up to our expectations.

And then there were some that were lured by the prospect of opening ourselves to the unknown, of diving deep into our own inner depths, of examining every aspect of ourselves, both the dark and the light. There are not many in this group who were disappointed, Rajneeshpuram delivered on all accounts for many.

Whatever it was that took us to Rajneeshpuram, what we can take away, even if only beginning at this moment, is meditation.

We can forget all about Osho, but if we forget about meditation, the whole journey was for naught.

If we persist in meditation (and by meditation I mean observing the contents of the mind without pushing them away or without jumping into the fray) then we rediscover that space, that magical space of silence and love. From here it is hard to be anything but so overwhelmingly grateful for the one who spent his entire life pointing towards this door to no-mind. And, in fact, it is THIS no-mind, this oceanic space of silence and love that is Osho, this very moment.


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16 thoughts on “That Which Took Us to Rajneeshpuram”

  1. Purushottama,
    I truly appreciate your post on this subject…I had to drop out of the FB page called “Residents of Rajneeshpuram” because I got so tired of hearing the experience of one person who thought it should be that of all of us. Breathing in and out…
    Big Hug,

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  2. In short without OSHO’s words, meditations,methods any kind of meditation etc, is not going to work for the modern man &” to forget all about OSHO ?” My god , people who was with him writing such things ? Cannot believe. In my case found the very first OSHO book only year 2000 Jan 4th & my love,trust gratitude . . . helped to transcend all personnel neurosis, sexual desires, perversions etc,etc,etc, Yes, many people cannot understand OSHO’s words & for that what OSHO can do about it ? Very sad post. My writing is bad , so can not write anymore.

    On Wed, Nov 29, 2017 at 11:51 PM, Sat Sangha Salon wrote:

    > purushottama posted: ” I am sure that whatever I say will not make one > iota of difference to anyone, but still it has to be said. It seems > appropriate to ask ourselves what it was that took us to Rajneeshpuram. If > we were attracted by the idea of creating a utopian co” >

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    1. I think perhaps you have misunderstood. I did not even mention Osho’s words. I have spent the past 10 years posting his words on this blog at least once a week. When I said “you can forget all about Osho”, I was referring to the person we have in our mind. It is like the Zen saying “If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.” I hope you did notice that the post ended with “From here it is hard to be anything but so overwhelmingly grateful for the one who spent his entire life pointing towards this door to no-mind. And, in fact, it is THIS no-mind, this oceanic space of silence and love that is Osho, this very moment.” Cheers!


      1. But it is not so EASY to cut the master . . . all rubbish ! Many people who are just in the head THINK that they are realized ( It is NOT so easy my dear ) And OSHO is the one & only master who never compromised in the twentieth century & no master ever talked like OSHO and no one will. As OSHO says GRATITUDE is not a bondage. Don’t be foolish ! I have come across many unfortunate people local and western etc, who talk negative things about OSHO & they don’t know that any Tom Dick and Harry cannot understand the greatest masters message. It took for me more than 18 years to transcend personnel neurosis , become a vegetarian , transcend sexual obsessions, perversions & now without any desire in the mind etc, & experiencing little glimpses of beyond mind etc,. Please do not insult OSHO, if you cannot understand & transform your life with the help of OSHO’s preserved spoken words PLEASE keep quiet. People who are in the HEAD . . . they know only hair splitting.


        1. Osho is not a person to defend. Osho is that non-body, oceanic presence that you and everyone is in our heart of hearts. Osho has been my Master for over 42 years and it has been through the love and work of the master that has ignited my own inner flame. This is what seems to be transpiring in your life. Be well.


  3. Thanks for sharing insights.
    Yes, even Osho has mentioned in one of his books, that if on the path, even if a Buddha comes in the way, kill him… for then the Buddha becomes the hindrance.
    Simply loved the last statement of your’s.

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    1. It is a long journey to kill the master & it is not necessary with OSHO ( Read well ) Osho says somewhere that at the right time Osho will withdraw & does not like such drastic ways like kill the master, etc. & also something like ” You can be in closeness with Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed right now . . no master ever dies . . love, trust destroys time & space ” So it is possible with OSHO too & UNTILL no-mind, all these intellectual jargon is not going to help. Are you finished with the world, alluring, attachments, positiveness, desires, etc? & the big ” I ” the false illusory thing “Ego”? There are many so-called spiritual seekers, celibate monks, who talk great things but their life full of desires, fear, rage, fear of death, sexual perversions, tension, hypocrisy etc.


  4. What took me to Rajneeshpuram was the love for Osho-plus for his people-and I was not disappointed-Rajneeshpuram was such an amazing place to be-such an experience-year after year-meditation just happened-with no effort-the wish to stay in the moment and experience everything was strong-and that was just the beginning of my journey-Poona years were yet to come-I feel so tremendously grateful to Osho and Existence for this whole adventure-which just goes on and on-we are indeed the Blessed Ones-Thank you Purushottama for this lovely insight into why we went there in the first place…….I had never given it a thought before…..just felt the gratitude……..

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    1. Yes, being near the physical presence of OSHO was my only priority, and making enough money to be able to stay
      At the Ranch were my only goals at the time. And later, meditation was the outcome of all of this.

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  5. We have to share our inner growth too. I have met few people who sat at the feet of Osho but the way they talk about Osho it was disgusting. There were some who loves the master but still the old conditioning etc,. Inner growth is not easy. It is not something to show some knowledge. It is understanding, transformation , transcendence. For example person who listen to Osho about meat eating, non vegetarian food & feel for the animal’s pain slowly slowly will becomes a vegetarian & is also about sex, anger , religious ideologies, race etc,etc,. Transformation, transcendence etc, is very very arduous. It has nothing to do with the period , how long one was with the master. Ananda chief decipal of Gautham Budda was with him until Buddha’s death but could not get enlighten. Many people are playing gymnastic with words but their ” inner ” is the question ?


    1. You are mistaken Prem Nalin. You say Ananda could not get enlightened. ‘Ananda said, “I am not weeping for you. You misunderstood me. I am weeping for myself — that for forty-two years I have been following you like a shadow, day in, day out, and I have not become enlightened yet. I am still as unconscious as ever. What will happen to me when you are gone? And I don’t think that in ages to come I will ever meet anyone of your caliber, nor will I have such an opportunity to be so intimate and so close. You are leaving me in a darkness that seems to have no dawn.”Gautam Buddha laughed again, and even with tears in his eyes, Ananda could not resist asking him, “Why are you laughing? You laugh at strange moments.”
      Gautam Buddha said, “Within twenty-four hours you will know. Because once I am dead, within twenty-four hours you will become enlightened. Once I am dead, you are no more my elder brother. Once I am dead, your subtle ego will also disappear; it cannot disappear while I am alive.”
      And actually it happened in the same way: within twenty-four hours, Ananda became enlightened.’ Osho – from Bodhidharma: The Greatest Zen Master, Chapter 8. And what about Your “inner” Prem Nalin? Let us hear from you other than your criticisms of others, something from Your transformation.


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