Suddenly there are No More Wounds – Osho

Why is it so difficult to forgive, to stop clinging to hurts long since past?

Anand Katyayani, the ego exists on misery – the more misery the more nourishment for it. In blissful moments the ego totally disappears, and vice versa: if the ego disappears, bliss starts showering on you. If you want the ego, you cannot forgive, you cannot forget – particularly the hurts, the wounds, the insults, the humiliations, the nightmares. Not only that you cannot forget, you will go on exaggerating them, you will emphasize them. You will tend to forget all that has been beautiful in your life, you will not remember joyous moments; they serve no purpose as far as the ego is concerned. Joy is like poison to the ego, and misery is like vitamins.

You will have to understand the whole mechanism of the ego. If you try to forgive, that is not real forgiveness. With effort, you will only repress. You can forgive only when you understand the stupidity of the whole game that goes on within your mind. The total absurdity of it all has to be seen through and through, otherwise you will repress from one side and it will start coming from another side. You will repress in one form; it will assert in another form – sometimes so subtle that it is almost impossible to recognize it, that it is the same old structure, so renovated, refurnished, redecorated, that it looks almost new.

The ego lives on the negative, because the ego is basically a negative phenomenon; it exists on saying no. No is the soul of the ego. And how can you say no to bliss? You can say no to misery, you can say no to the agony of life. How can you say no to the flowers and the stars and the sunsets and all that is beautiful, divine? And the whole existence is full of it – it is full of roses – but you go on picking the thorns; you have a great investment in those thorns. On the one hand you go on saying, “No, I don’t want this misery,” and on the other hand you go on clinging to it. And for centuries you have been told to forgive.

But the ego can live through forgiving, it can start having a new nourishment through the idea that, “I have forgiven. I have even forgiven my enemies. I am no ordinary person.” And, remember perfectly well, one of the fundamentals of life is that the ordinary person is one who thinks that he is not; the average person is one who thinks that he is not. The moment you accept your ordinariness, you become extraordinary. The moment you accept your ignorance, the first ray of light has entered in your being, the first flower has bloomed. The spring is not far away.

Jesus says: Forgive your enemies, love your enemies. And he is right, because if you can forgive your enemies you will be free of them, otherwise they will go on haunting you. Enmity is a kind of relationship; it goes deeper than your so-called love.

Savita has asked a question that, “Osho, why a harmonious love affair seems to be dull and dying?”

For the simple reason because it is harmonious; it loses all attraction for the ego; it seems as if it is not. If it is absolutely harmonious you will completely forget about it. Some conflict is needed, some struggle is needed, some violence is needed, some hatred is needed. Love – your so-called love – does not go very deep; it is only skin-deep, or maybe not even so deep. But your hate goes very deep; it goes as deep as your ego.

Jesus is right when he says, “Forgive,” but he has been misunderstood for centuries. Buddha says the same thing – all the awakened ones are bound to say the same thing. Their languages can differ, naturally – different ages, different times, different people – they have to speak different languages, but the essential core cannot be different. If you cannot forgive, that means you will live with your enemies, with your hurts, with your pains.

So on the one hand you want to forget and forgive, because the only way to forget is to forgive – if you do not forgive you cannot forget – but on the other hand there is a deeper involvement.

Unless you see that involvement, Jesus and Buddha is not going to help. Their beautiful statements will be remembered by you, but they will not become part of your lifestyle, they will not circulate in your blood, in your bones, in your marrow. They will not be part of your spiritual climate; they will remain alien, something imposed from the outside; beautiful, at least it appeals intellectually, but existentially you will go on living the same old way.

The first thing to remember is: ego is the most negative phenomenon in existence. It is like darkness.

Darkness has no positive existence; it is simply absence of light. Light has a positive existence; that’s why you cannot do anything directly with darkness. If your room is full of darkness, you cannot put the darkness out of the room, you cannot throw it out, you cannot destroy it by any means directly.

If you try to fight with it, you will be defeated. Darkness cannot be defeated by fighting. You may be a great wrestler but you will be surprised to know that you cannot defeat darkness. It is impossible, for the simple reason that darkness does not exist. If you want to do anything with darkness you will have to go via light. If you don’t want darkness, bring light in. If you want darkness, then put the light off. But do something with light; nothing can be done with darkness directly. The negative does not exist – so is the ego.

That’s why I don’t say to you: Forgive. I don’t say to you: Don’t hate; love. I don’t say to you that drop all your sins and become virtuous. Man has tried all that and it has failed completely. My work is totally different. I say: Bring light into your being. Don’t be bothered by all these fragments of darkness.

And at the very center of darkness is ego. Ego is the center of darkness. You bring light – the method is meditation – you become more aware, you become more alert. Otherwise you will go on repressing, and whatsoever is repressed has to be repressed again and again and again. And it is an exercise in futility, utter futility. It will start coming up from somewhere else. It will find some other, weaker point in you.

I come across every day so many questions which show how negativity asserts, in how many subtle ways. Just the other day I was joking that Mukta has asked me: Can she bring a 1939 model Rolls Royce for me? I said, “I am no more interested in anything old and rotten. You can call it a vintage car, you can call it antique, and you can call it beautiful names, but the truth is: for forty years so many rotten people have used it… I don’t want to use it anymore.”

Yatra immediately wrote a question to me: “Osho, don’t you have any taste? Old things also have their beauty.” Yatra may not be knowing, may not be aware that this is a form of negativity. I was simply joking, otherwise why I should be speaking on Ko Hsuan? Twenty-five centuries old… But immediately… A chance cannot be missed. If you can say something against me, you will not miss the chance.

Just today I have received another question from Atta, that “You use so many times the word ‘I’, ‘me’, ‘my’, ‘my sannyasins’. You seem to be the greatest ego around.”

I can stop using “I”, “me”, “my”, “my sannyasins” – that won’t help. These are just words, and perfectly utilitarian. I also use the word “darkness”, although it does not exist. It has never existed, it cannot exist. Just by using the word “darkness”, darkness does not start existing. But Atta must be waiting for some opportunity to say something aggressive to me, to be in some way violent to me.

This is natural, because sannyas means surrender, and when you surrender then more often than not you are repressing your ego. It will find its way from somewhere to assert.

It is not just a coincidence that Buddha’s own brother, Devadatta, tried many times to kill him. His own cousin-brother… Why? Why he was so antagonistic to him? And he was also his disciple. But they were contemporaries, of the same age. They were brought up in the same palace, educated by the same teachers in the same academy, played together. And then Buddha became enlightened, and there was deep jealousy in Devadatta. First he tried on his own to become enlightened; he could not. So, unwillingly, reluctantly, he surrendered to Buddha. He must have said with deep resistance, “Buddham Sharanam Gachchhami; I take shelter into the Buddha, into your feet.”

But deep down somewhere he must be thinking that, “We belong to the same royal family, the same blood, the same education. We have played together. So why I should surrender to this man?” And then, once he started going a little into meditation, just a little, few experiences of meditation, and he started gathering a following around himself He started to spread the rumor that he has also become enlightened.

Buddha called him, that “You WILL become enlightened; there is no problem about it. But right now you are just on the way. Don’t miss this opportunity.” This offended him very much. Immediately all repressed resistance asserted – he revolted. He took away few people those who had become his friends and followers, away from Buddha. And their whole effort was: How to kill this man? Judas was the cause of Jesus’ death, and Judas was the most intellectual disciple of Jesus.

Remember it. Never forget it, that he was the most sophisticated disciple of Jesus. All others were very unsophisticated, simple people, almost primitive people: villagers, fishermen, carpenters, potters, weavers; except Judas nobody was educated. Judas was really far more educated than Jesus himself, far more informed. And he was waiting that sooner or later, he will be the head. Once Jesus is removed from the scene, he will be the head of the whole commune. And there seemed to be no possibility of Jesus ever dying before him. Finally he decided that it is time that this man should be removed forcibly.

Judas was the culprit, the real murderer. He sold Jesus only in thirty silver coins. He was thinking that this is the only way to remove Jesus from the scene, then he can take over the leadership of the group, of the commune. There must have been deep down a hurt ego.

It has always happened that way. Mahavira’s own disciple, Makkhali Ghosal, revolted against him and he started spreading the rumor that “Mahavira is not the true enlightened person, I am the true enlightened person.” When Mahavira heard it he laughed. When Mahavira came to the place where Ghosal was staying, he went to see him and he said, “Makkhali Ghosal, have you gone mad? What are you doing?”

And the man must have been immensely cunning. He said, “I am not your disciple, remember; the man who used to be your disciple is dead. The body is of Makkhali Ghosal, but a great spirit has entered into the body. The spirit of Makkhali Ghosal has left. I am a totally different person, can’t you see?”

Mahavira laughed and he said, “I can see perfectly well. You are the same stupid fellow, and you are still doing stupid things. Don’t waste time! Put your energies in becoming enlightened yourself. Why be worried about me – whether I am truly enlightened or not. If you are not my disciple, Makkhali Ghosal, if you are a totally different spirit who has entered, I accept. If you say, I accept it. But then why you are concerned with me? Twenty-four hours you are speaking against me. That simply shows that you are still carrying some grudge against me.”

It is very essential to understand because you are all disciples here, and you all will be carrying some grudge or other against me, for the simple reason because I am trying to destroy your ego. That I have to do; that’s the function of the Master, to destroy your ego. And you can become very revengeful, and you can carry deep wounds through it.

Katyayani, you ask me: Why is it so difficult to forgive, to stop clinging to hurts long since past?

For the simple reason that they are all that you have got. And you go on playing with your old wounds so that they keep fresh in your memory. You never allow them to heal.

A man was sitting in a compartment in a train. Across from him was sitting a Catholic priest who had a picnic basket beside him. The man had nothing else to do so he just watched the priest.

After a while the priest opened the picnic basket and took out a small cloth which he placed carefully on his knees. Then he took out a glass bowl and placed it on the cloth. Then he took out a knife and an apple, peeled the apple, cut it up, put the pieces of apple in the bowl. Then he picked up the bowl, leaned over and tipped the apple out of the window.

Then he took out a banana, peeled it, cut it up, put it in the bowl, and tipped it out of the window. The same with a pear and a little tin of cherries and a pineapple, and a pot of cream – he tipped them all out of the window after carefully preparing them. Then he cleaned the bowl dusted off the cloth, and put them back in the picnic basket.

The man who had been watching the priest in amazement, finally asked, “Excuse me, Father, but what are you doing there?”

To which the priest replied coolly, “making fruit salad.”

“But you are tipping it all out of the window,” said the man.

“Yes,” said the priest. “I hate fruit salad.”

People go on carrying things that they hate. They live in their hatred. They go on fingering their wounds so they don’t heal; they don’t ALLOW them to heal – their whole life depends on their past. Unless you start living in the present, you will not be able, Katyayani, to forget and forgive the past. I don’t say to you: Forget and forgive all that has happened in the past; that is not my approach. I say: Live in the present that is the positive way to approach existence. Live in the present. That is another way of saying: Be more meditative, more aware, more alert, because when you are alert, aware, you are in the present.

Awareness cannot be in the past and cannot be in the future. Awareness knows only the present.

Awareness knows no past, no future; it has only one tense, the present. Be aware, and as you will start enjoying the present more and more, as you will feel the bliss of being in the present, you will stop doing this stupid thing that everybody goes on doing. You will stop going into the past. You will not have to forget and forgive, it will simply disappear on its own accord. You will be surprised – where it has gone? And once the past is no more there, future also disappears because future is only a projection of the past. To be free from past and future is to taste freedom for the first time, is to taste God. And in that experience one becomes whole, healthy; all wounds are healed. Suddenly there are no more any wounds; you start feeling a deep well-being arising in you. That well-being is the beginning of transformation.


From Tao: The Golden Gate, V.1, Discourse #2

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    On Tue, May 1, 2018 at 12:44 AM, Sat Sangha Salon wrote:

    > purushottama posted: “Why is it so difficult to forgive, to stop clinging > to hurts long since past? Anand Katyayani, the ego exists on misery – the > more misery the more nourishment for it. In blissful moments the ego > totally disappears, and vice versa: if the ego disappears” >

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  2. It is always nice to read your posts….Punchline of all these messages is to live with awareness and in the present-Osho presented us in so many ways and you bring us constant reminders…Much gratitude for sharing!!

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  5. Reading , *LISTENING *to *Osho* , even the voice . . burning all unnecessary ” garbage ” neurosis etc, in the sick minds &The best is the internet radio. Love trust . . . grows . . & simultaneously the inner growth. In the beginning *Osho* Dynamic/Kundalini meditations , gibberish , sun bath , hugging trees , lying on grass ( some idiots laugh at me in the beginning , sad & unfortunately they are the same neurotics today unnecessarily suffering ) , sand. Bare foot walking on grass , sand , beach. Sea, river bath, dancing also sex act totally with awareness with many partners etc,etc,.( for a poor man like me no cost but very effective – sitting, reading , internet etc,etc, using only the HEAD is a time wast & sure way to madness ) If possible many groups in Pune etc,. Total in everything sex, food , etc, etc,. Shearing whatever possible with others, even foolish arguments with fools, fanatics etc,.also was a help to me. Listening to* Osho *one understand the ” root cause ” of the problems , sex, marriage etc,etc, & then the freedom comes without any suppression .Devotes sit at* Osho Samadhi Meditation** in Pune *( My crazy mind said ( 2003 ) 3 times & did 3 occasions in three trips to Pune ) Later heard,* Osho* says three is a special number ) Many people try to understand TRUTH intellectually & also many tried with* Osho*’s words in the same way . . . Love , trust is the key to God, Moksha , Kingdom of God , Nirvana . . .with the help of a master . . . fortunately *Osho*’s spoken words are recorded and available. Many great masters in the past ,*Gautama Buddha , Jesus Christ , Prophet Mohammed* etc,etc, they also never wrote anything, some could not rad and write & we do not know the exact words they spoke.

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  16. Hi, Now my present understanding is, only to mind my own *poor soul*’s business. Anyway, all sharing, commenting, writing even foolish arguments, etc. helped me a lot. My understanding is *OSHO*’s spoken words, Meditations, Methods, etc. help in *two* ways, one way is to help people householders, businessmen, young, old sinners etc. in marriage, education, sex, addictions, mental health, environment, etc.,etc. & very few fortunate devotees to transcend birth & death. But to be frank, still, the second part seems arduous but perhaps even few seconds before death could manage . . . Now no interest in writing answers & starting a centre, etc.( only to share how Osho’s spoken words, methods helped me ) with people sincere, sinners ( not with so-called religious, moral, with so-called good characters,etc.) who are unnecessarily suffering individually because afraid of the biggest enemy the religious/ subtle/ EGO, who knows come back from the back door because if there any birth after Popoff from this life do not like to land in a womb anymore . . . Hope you understand my English* ( ~ OshoRadio ~ OshoTalks/YouTube )* Love, Prem

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  17. *. . . don’t be so wise . . . My whole emphasis is to be natural. . .* *The Supreme Doctrine* *(3. The ” I ” Cannot Belong to You)*

    *It is not favourable to live in ignorance, and even less so, to li**ve in ignorance about sex . . * *From Sex to Superconsciousness # 4*

    * (All the words): indulgent and suppression *

    *Wisdom is a very relaxed state of being. Wisdom is* not knowledge, not information; wisdom is your inner being, awake, alert, watchful, witnessing, full of light . . . If you miss you are a fool, and . . . *(The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol.2 # 7)* *OSHO*

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  18. After 20 years from the very first OSHO book . . .  the first thing is some fortunate people just reading a sentence a immediately get ” the taste of Osho ”  To understand Osho’s spoken words, do medications, inner transformation and transcend ones neurotic mind is a very arduous thing. Because of our unscientific upbringing, all so-called religious, moral teachings & unfortunately ( it is very clear now) our grandparents, parents, teachers elders, so-called celibate priests, monks, nuns who are neurotic themselves ( they cannot be blamed as they were conditions by their elders ) were our masters. Fortunately from the very beginning undercurrent of some understanding was running in me . . . Now my understanding is Osho’s spoken words, meditations, methods can help humanity in two ways. First to understand the ” Root causes” of all unnecessary suffering & man created misery, to understand the difference between so-called organized religions, priests and so-called celibate monks, nuns & the great enlightened masters like Krishna, Buddha, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, etc. sex, marriage, children education, environment, food,alcohol& drug addictions, sexual obsessions, perversions, suicide, depression, etc. & for few who are really interested in the ultimate realization… .t

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  20. —– Forwarded message —– From: Prem Nalin To: “” Cc: Global ; “” ; Punyaweb ; Tantric Energetics ; “” ; kuhanjith . ; Hawk Travels (Pvt) Ltd ; “” ; Kosherica ; prem nalin ; Gajanayake, Dasitha ; Shannon from Guidely ; “” ; Julia Homilius ; JAHNDRAHM ; “” ; Minnet Samarasinghe ; Reza Ghased ; Ritesh Shah ; Quora Sent: Saturday, 12 September 2020, 08:09:37 am GMT+5:30Subject: You will have to sharpen your . . : OSHO

    . . . intelligence, your consciousness, and as it is sharpened the way becomes more and more clear. You are nobody’s shadow, nobody’s follower . . .  OSHO

    | purushottama posted: ” Krishna said to Arjuna, “Surrender and I promise you moksha.” Jesus also said to his disciples, “Come follow me and I will take you to the kingdom, to God.” But you say to us that you can only show the facts. Why don’t you promise us nirvana?” | |


  21. —– Forwarded message —– From: Prem Nalin To: Global Cc: Quora ; Rabbi Tuly Weisz ; Punyaweb ; Tantric Energetics ; Emma Ruby-Sachs – Avaaz ; “” ; kuhanjith . ; Hawk Travels (Pvt) Ltd ; “” ; MK Rabbi Yehudah Glick ; Kosherica ; Osho Meditation Studio ; Isfahan Hassan ; Run for Zion ; prem nalin ; 4 Sri Lanka Corps of Military Police ; “” ; “” ; Minnet Samarasinghe ; Gajanayake, Dasitha ; “” ; Anil de Silva ; Deepak Baral ; Friedrichmayhofer3 ; Julia Homilius ; “” Sent: Thursday, 17 September 2020, 08:35:36 am GMT+5:30Subject: Fwd: SJB Seminar against 20A Hi, Ma Vatayana,You are from Germany & never visited SL so I am sending these Fotos SL politicians & (so-called) celibate monks, etc.  Love,Nalin 


  22. —– Forwarded message —– From: Prem Nalin To: Global Cc: “” ; “” ; Hawk Travels (Pvt) Ltd ; “” ; Isfahan Hassan ; Kosherica ; prem nalin ; andrew orchard ; Punyaweb ; “” ; Anil De Silva ; 4 Sri Lanka Corps of Military Police ; Minnet Samarasinghe ; Gajanayake, Dasitha ; “” ; Julia Homilius ; kuhanjith . ; “” ; Viraj Mohan ; Reza Ghased ; Ritesh Shah Sent: Thursday, 17 September 2020, 09:52:05 am GMT+5:30Subject: Fwd: SJB Seminar against 20A Masses conditioned dominated by these kinds of idiots . . . ?


  23. | purushottama posted: “Rocks easily destroy flowers. The politicians and religions sense that enlightenment, freedom and individuality threaten their power. Is it fear alone that is the basis of the dark use of intelligence to crush man’s finest blossoms? Or is there an unconsc” | |


  24. —– Forwarded message —– From: Prem Nalin To: Gajanayake, Dasitha Cc: prem nalin Sent: Friday, 2 October 2020, 07:38:30 am GMT+5:30Subject: ,the experiment will become experience: OSHO Dear Dasitha, This is for Chaminda.

    | purushottama posted: “Once a doctor, a very well-known historian and an eminent scholar, was staying in a village. The postmaster, the old postmaster of the village, became curious about this old man, this doctor. He was curious to know what kind of doctor he is, so one day he” | |


  25. —– Forwarded message —– From: Prem Nalin To: Global ; “” ; Reza Ghased ; Ritesh Shah ; Quora ; Punyaweb ; Tantric Energetics ; “” ; kuhanjith . ; Rohan Abeywickrema ; “” ; “” ; Osho Meditation Studio ; Kosherica ; andrew orchard ; prem nalin ; Osho News ; “” ; “” ; Shannon from Guidely ; Julia Homilius ; Isfahan Hassan ; “” ; 4 Sri Lanka Corps of Military Police ; Viraj Mohan ; “” Sent: Friday, 13 November 2020, 09:19:39 am GMT+5:30Subject: ( 1 ) VIPPASSANA Meditationn Reading very attentively to OSHO you will understand scientifically what happened in Vipassana meditation in this link . . . 


  26. —– Forwarded message —– From: prem nalin To: Global Cc: ; Santiago Rolon ; Yousif_radeef ; Kuhanjith . ; Hawk Travels Pvt Ltd ; ; Anil De Silva ; Prasad Maduranga ; Mano FREDERICK DE ALMEIDA ; ; ; Minnet Samarasinghe ; Dasitha Gajanayake ; Karunarathne Liyanage ; Viraj Mohan ; Julia Homilius ; Isfahan Hassan ; ; Wijesooriya Chamindha ; Rohan Abeywickrema ; Reza Ghased ; ; Shahzan Saly ; ; Sent: Monday, 16 November 2020, 08:13:28 am GMT+5:30Subject: To die in ecstasy: OSHO ( : Read Book ) Dear Ma Vatayana, As usual, reading this diamond words of OSHO like to circulate but not enough now feeling suffocated need something more . greatest surgery Love,Nalin. 


  27. To: Reza Ghased ; “” ; “” ; “” ; Julia Homilius ; prem nalin

    To: kuhanjith . , Rohan Abeywickrema , , Isfahan Hassan , Shahzan saly , Minnet Samarasinghe , , , Prathiba Mahanamahewa

    To: , Wijesooriya Chamindha , Hawk Travels Pvt Ltd , prem nalin , Prasad Maduranga , Mano FREDERICK DE ALMEIDA , Dasitha Gajanayake , , Anil De Silva , Karunarathne Liyanage , , , Viraj Mohan , Minnet Samarasinghe

    Buddha has called this nothingness  . . . Drop all desires and you will be empty . . . He says your ego is nothing but desires, atomic desires . . . greatest scientist possible . . . Physicists say . . .  OSHO | purushottama posted: “These techniques are concerned with emptiness – they are the most delicate, the most subtle. Even to conceive of emptiness seems impossible. Buddha used all these four techniques for his disciples and bhikkus, and because of these four techniques he was” | |


  28. —– Forwarded message —– From: Prem Nalin To: prem nalin Sent: Tuesday, 15 December 2020, 08:13:05 am GMT+5:30Subject: Fwd: If you can die consciously: OSHO


  29. —– Forwarded message —– From: Prem Nalin To: prem nalin Sent: Wednesday, 30 December 2020, 09:14:19 am GMT+5:30Subject: Fwd: “So called worldly desires” Read Book -Series Playing


  30. —– Forwarded message —– From: Prem Nalin To: Quora ; Rabbi Tuly Weisz ; Punyaweb ; Tantric Energetics ; Reza Ghased ; Ritesh Shah ; Rohan Abeywickrema ; “” ; kuhanjith . ; “” ; Yael Eckstein ; “” ; Isfahan Hassan ; Osho Meditation Studio ; Kosherica ; prem nalin ; andrew orchard ; 4 Sri Lanka Corps of Military Police ; Osho News ; Prathiba Mahanamahewa ; Prasad Maduranga ; “” ; Shahzan saly ; “” ; Minnet Samarasinghe ; “” ; Deva Premal Miten ; Shannon from Guidely ; Global ; “” ; MK Rabbi Yehudah Glick ; Julia Homilius ; “” ; “” ; Run for Zion ; Viraj Mohan ; “” Sent: Sunday, 18 April 2021, 09:16:06 am GMT+5:30Subject: Even at the time of death…but meditation..only the body is left behind…OSHO Radio . . .


  31. —– Forwarded message —– From: Prem Nalin To: Quora ; Rabbi Tuly Weisz ; Punyaweb ; “” ; Yari Wildheart ; Tantric Energetics ; Mohani ; Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein ; Reza Ghased ; Ritesh Shah ; Rohan Abeywickrema ; “” ; MK Rabbi Yehudah Glick ; kuhanjith . ; “” ; “” ; Andy Yeomans ; Vimal ; Henk & Ursula ; ; “” ; Isfahan Hassan ; Osho Meditation Studio ; Kosherica ; prem nalin ; andrew orchard ; Osho News ; 4 Sri Lanka Corps of Military Police ; Prathiba Mahanamahewa ; Prasad Maduranga ; “” ; Shahzan saly ; “” ; “” ; Deva Premal Miten ; Deepak Baral ; Run for Zion ; Ilan Friedman ; Global ; “” ; Julia Homilius ; Hemant Vankar ; James Numeh ; LAKMAL INDIKA Ketipearachchi ; “” ; “” ; Nick Zischke ; Shannon from Guidely ; Viraj Mohan ; Bliss Pujo ; Bela ; BLACKBURN Vanessa (vblac13) ; “” ; Minnet Samarasinghe Sent: Tuesday, 20 April 2021, 09:18:16 am GMT+5:30Subject: The art of religiousness is….Before death you have to be ready to meet it: OSHO Radio/Read Book


  32. —– Forwarded message —– From: Prem Nalin To: prem nalin Sent: Thursday, 22 April 2021, 09:10:34 am GMT+5:30Subject: EGO..All motivations..positive/negative..pleasure/pain..create a hell for you.. There is a bliss which comes&never goes: OSHO Radio/Read Book


  33. Even though you are a hypnotist you as an unenlightened person, your consideration is just private hot air & nothing to do with OSHO and controversial? do you think to agree with all holy cow dune, hypocrisy, IDIOCROSY is divine? and scam artists? Is it to be spontaneous, natural a scam artist? & Osho is not a priest, so-called celibate monk, etc, pretending, performing hypocrisy & befooling idiots . . .And millions of IDIOTS could not, cannot & will never understand the greatest master’s message . . .   


    1. Premnalin, you seem to have moved in and set up house on this thread. And it is not at all clear who it is that you are speaking to. When I look at this thread I see 31 of your comments all in a row, with no others in between. Now granted many of these are just where you linked this post but still, who are you speaking to in your August 15, 2021 comment?


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