Meditation: An Experience of Death in Life – Osho

The whole of life is yours. Love it, live it to the fullest. That’s the only way to get ready for death.

Then you can live death too, to its fullest; and it is one of the most beautiful experiences. There is nothing comparable to the death experience in life, except deep meditation.

So those who know meditation, they know something of death—that’s the only way to know before dying.

If I am saying there is no more significant experience in life than death, I am saying it, not because I have died and come back to tell you, but because I know that in meditation you move into the same space as death—because in meditation you are no more your physiology, no more your biology, no more your chemistry, no more your psychology. All those are left far away.

You come to your innermost center where there is only pure awareness. That pure awareness will be with you when you die because that cannot be taken away. All these other things which can be taken away, we take away with our own hands in meditation.

So meditation is an experience of death in life.

And it is so beautiful, so indescribably beautiful that only one thing can be said about death: it must be that experience multiplied by millions.

The experience of meditation multiplied by millions is the experience of death.

And when you pass on you simply leave your form behind. You are absolutely intact, and for the first time out of the prison of physiology, biology, psychology.

All the walls are broken and you are free.

For the first time you can open your wings to the existential.


From Ignorance to Innocence, Discourse #5

Copyright© OSHO International Foundation

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4 thoughts on “Meditation: An Experience of Death in Life – Osho”

  1. Very powerful:
    Knowing the limits within the prison walls of time and mortality for the timeless zone
    It´s a transformation and a eradication all the way…

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  2. Can´t you all see???…
    The world is neither flat nor around
    And there is nor up and neither down,
    Things just appear
    Whenever reality comes crushing down
    You grow old and overtaken by deceit
    Don´t thing that you are losing ground
    You´re just emerging into divine
    For that which was once lost
    Got estranged only by the mind
    And must return to it´s former state
    Beyond appearance and time
    There´s no belonging to any appearances
    To any universe
    To any constellation
    Much less belonging to a flimsy creation
    Only No/thing is
    As empty and void that abides for ever
    The rest are illusions hanging through……………..


  3. The meditation analogy needs belief in that meditation is comparable to death experience. For myself, meditation, is the observance of thought. The observer is known. Why not use the deep sleep model, there is no thinking, no perception (no experiencing) The observer is also absent


    1. The meditation analogy needs NO belief, it needs the experience of meditation, of deep meditation. In the observance of thought with the caveat of not grasping, not repressing, not judging one comes to the state where thought dissolves not because of any action but because by not grasping, etc. one is no longer propagating thought. This dissolution of thought is akin to death. The death of “the me.” The death of the one who is holding thoughts, experiences, memories as the me.


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